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Client Emails about Seagate Hard Drive Recovery

I was looking for a safe drive to use in my laptop and I was told the solid-state drives from Seagate were the way to go. So I bought one online and fitted it into my laptop. It’s a ST1000LM014 model with 1TB of storage space. I was pleased with my purchase at first and everything was going well. I was told that the solid-state drives are faster and more reliable than ordinary hard drives so I was in my element. At first the only problem was how much data I could store on it as I had loads and just kept filling it. But then the noise started. It sounded like metal against metal and I contacted Seagate who told me that as the disc was under warranty they would replace it. They cannot repair it in the conventional sense and I will lose everything. I’ve got the first five years of my son’s life on there in pictures so I don’t want to send it back and have it (a) reformatted or (b) replaced with a blank drive. Is there a way round this and if so can you help me with it?

My son had an old PS3 that gave up the ghost a while ago and I thought I would dismantle it and see if there were any bits I could use. When I took it apart it had a Seagate 1TB 2.5-inch drive in it. The model number for your information is ST1000LM024 and when I took it out and put it into my old Dell computer it worked fine. I formatted it using Windows Vista and have been using it for some time as a spare drive to backup all of my files. Now the computer has developed a fault and having removed the drive to place in another machine I can’t get it to recognize the computer or vice versa. The file format of the drive is the same as the computer I am trying to install it to and I can see it in the my computer panel but other than that it won’t do anything. It is even going as far as registering the amount of free hard drive space there is but it won’t all me to read or write to it. A friend of mine even put the drive in an external caddy so that we could try operating it via USB but that didn’t work either. I don’t want to risk losing everything just yet by formatting the drive and was wondering if you knew how to scavenge the drive for what I want to keep.