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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Critical Service £795

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Serious Problems with your Gateway PC Hard Drive:

If you experience problems with your Gateway PC hard drive it is important that you contact a professional data recovery specialist immediately so that the data on the PC can be saved. You may experience a blue crash screen, or alternatively clicking or grinding noises. If these happen the hard drive has failed. Turn off the PC and contact a specialist. Hard drives on PCs can experience problems for the following reasons:

Mechanical Failure on your Gateway PC Hard Drive:

The mechanical workings inside your hard drive are extremely delicate, and if you hear beeping, clicking or buzzing noises there is a problem. Any beeping or buzzing noise means that there has been a failure on the motor on the hard drive. Any clicking means that physical damage has occurred. This is normally due to knocks and falls. We have experience in this and can ensure that your data will be recovered.

Electronic Issues with your Gateway PC Hard Drive:

Normally this kind of thing happens when there has been a power surge or power spike in the building. This often occurs when the power supply to the hard drive has been compromised. We are used to this situation, and will act quickly to recover your data.

Firmware Problems with your Gateway Hard Drive on your PC:

The firmware helps your Gateway PC speak to your hard drive. It is therefore essential to operations. However, it is also very fragile, and the codes are found on special disk platters. If these platters become corrupted you will lose data. We are fully experienced in dealing with these platters sensitively, and can bring your data back quickly and efficiently.

General Performance Issues with your Gateway PC Hard Drive:

Over time, your Gateway PC hard drive can degrade. The sectors on the disk drive may well be getting corrupt, and this can lead to an inability to read or write to the drive. The hard drive may also be experiencing significant difficulties in allocating sectors. This means that files and folders can disappear from the drive. Help is at hand, as we can recover files and folders from any hard drive that suffers from any degrading issues.

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