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I have a Gateway computer, number DX4860, which is about 2 years old. I have been working the computer quite hard recently, and am now experiencing a bit of a problem with the operating system. It won’t load up the operating system, and instead gives me a pattern of beeps which I think includes a set of two beeps and one of three beeps. I can’t find any indication of what this message means. When these beeps have finished, the Loading Windows screen will appear, but it is completely frozen, with nothing moving on it. There is no response to the keys, and nothing to suggest that the OS is even working. When I try to go in through Safe Mode, I still get stuck at that Loading page. I need some help to try and recover data which is on the drive. This data includes software which is quite expensive, and also some different types of document and image files which also need to be recovered.


I have a Gateway 400 which was given to me as a gift. It is old enough to have Windows XP installed on it, but I have used it for a while and have saved a number of documents and files to the Libraries folder. The problem is that I can no longer find drivers to match the OS, which means that I am not able to boot into the computer to access my data, so I have to download the new drivers onto a CD and play it in my CD ROM. Each time I try to install drivers, the computer crashes, and I get a BSOD reporting that it is in the middle of a data dump. When this ends, the system reboots, and it is as though I had not tried to install a driver at all.