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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Problems with RAID 0 controllers and Partitions:

RAID 0 array is actually more fragile than you think, and it can fail quite easily. You need a professional data recovery experts with great experience so that you can ensure that the data is not lost if there is a problem. You may find that there are various things that can go wrong and the signals are quite clear. In this section we will look at the most common RAID 0 failure types:

Mechanical Failure with the RAID 0 Hard Drive:

A mechanical issue normally presents as clicking and buzzing noises. If you experience beeping or buzzing noises, this can mean that the motor inside the RAID hard drive has simply failed. If a clicking noise occurs, this often means that the drive has experienced a knock or other physical issue. Turn off your computer and get in touch with a recognized RAID 0 data recovery professional.

Rebuild Issues with RAID 0 Drives:

Contrary to popular opinion, RAID 0 rebuilds are actually very difficult to get right. Too many factors have to be in place for a RAID rebuild to work. All the hard disk drive members have to be in place and working at full capacity, for example. Unfortunately, a failed rebuild attempt is a very popular reason for drives experiencing huge difficulties. We have the experience and the skills required to ensure that a RAID 0 failing does not mean the end of your data.

RAID 0 Failures due to Electronic Issues:

Power spikes and power surges can effectively kill your RAID 0 drive and cause problems with firmware. The firmware looks after the communications between the computer and the RAID drive. If this kind of thing occurs your drive will simply stop working. We are able to recover data lost in situations like this.

Problems with RAID 0 controllers and RAID 0 Partitions:

These are common, and are often because customers try to replace the card. Incompatibility issues, among many others, can cause the drive to shut down. Missing partitions are common due to rebuilds going wrong. Thankfully, we have the expertise to find any missing data and retrieve it quickly.

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